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Egonu, Uzo (16)
Nigerian, 1931-1996 (16)
Canadian, Born 1927 (3)
Ashevak, Kenojuak (2)
Canadian, 1932-1999 (2)
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1971 (5)
1970 (3)
1972 (3)
1974 (3)
1991 (2)
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Canada: Cape Dorset, N... (3)
Inuit Art Inuit Prints... (3)
Cockfighting Nigeria -... (2)
Nature, Aesthetics (2)
Addiction Gambling Pla... (1)
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 Image: Title: Subject: Description:

1. Women Speak of Spring Fishing Women Speak of Spring Fishing nature, folk tales, myths, aesthetics, gender

2. Birds of Summer Birds of Summer nature, environment

3. Migration Towards Our Summer Camp Migration Towards Our Summer Camp daily life, community, hunting and fishing

4. Igloo Builders Frightened by Bear Igloo Builders Frightened by Bear nature, daily life, community

5. Ravens Entwined Ravens Entwined nature, aesthetics

6. Isugar Isugar nature, aesthetics

7. Our First Wooden Home Our First Wooden Home environment, daily life, Western influences

8. Imposed Migration Imposed Migration Western influences, satire, politics, community

9. The First Tourist The First Tourist Western influences, satire, humor

10. Summer Sea Lift Summer Sea Lift environment, Western influences, daily life, economy

11. Katajaktuiit (Throat Singers Gathering) Katajaktuiit (Throat Singers Gathering) daily life, community, gender, music, nature, aesthetics

12. Quggliik (Two Kudliks) Quggliik (Two Kudliks) daily life, aesthetics

13. Lost in the Storm Lost in the Storm nature, daily life, environment

14. Flute Players and Dancers Flute Players and Dancers musicians; musical instruments; flute; dance; human figure in art; hands; feet Egonu May 1974 (signed lower right)

15. Once Upon a Time in Igbo Land D Once Upon a Time in Igbo Land D Igbo (African people) -- folklore; tortoises; turtles; folk tales and legends; short stories; animals; musicians; musical instruments; feasts; feast days; birds; food; human figure in art Feast-day at the king's palace (text, upper left printed surface); Egonu 71 (signed lower right)

16. Addiction Three Addiction Three addiction; gambling; playing cards; money; human figure in art; hands Egonu 1970 (signed lower right)

17. Traffic Traffic cars (automobiles); tires; traffic circles Egonu 74 (signed lower right)

18. Addiction Five Addiction Five gluttony; addiction; food; wine; alcoholic beverages Egonu 70 (signed lower right)

19. Twentieth Century B Twentieth Century B United States -- history -- 20th century; Great Britain -- history -- 20th century; China -- history -- 20th century; Soviet Union; Russia; airplanes; flags; bombs; communism; war and mathematics; Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955 Egonu 72 (signed lower right)

20. Twentieth Century C Twentieth Century C Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948; flowers; posture in worship; assassination; India -- history -- 20th century Egonu 72 (signed lower right)
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results 1-20 of 29 item(s)  page 1 of 2 : ( <<  1  2  >> ) :: previous : next
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