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Egonu, Uzo (52)
Nigerian, 1931-1996 (52)
Ekpuk, Victor (26)
Nigerian, Born 1964 (26)
Nigerian American (21)
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Color Lithograph (16)
Color Screen Print (13)
Graphite and Pastel on... (12)
59 X 79 cm (11)
Color Etching (11)
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1970 (10)
1971 (8)
2000 (8)
2009 (7)
2006 (5)
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Birds Nigeria -- Histo... (2)
Cockfighting Nigeria -... (2)
Hair -- Care and Hygie... (2)
Windows Poetry Poets (2)
Abstraction (Non-objec... (1)
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 Image: Title: Subject: Description:

81. Composition #4 Composition #4 Nsibidi; signs and symbols; mirrors; reflection (optics); critical thinking Victor ekpuk '09 (lower right)

82. One September Morning One September Morning Nsibidi; signs and symbols; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001; airplanes; terrorism; New York (N.Y.); Pentagon (Va.); Shanksville (Pa.); Washington (D.C.); death; World Trade Center (New York, N.Y.)

83. Mocking Bird Mocking Bird Nsibidi; signs and symbols; birds; mockingbirds; rectangles in art; animals

84. Composition #3 Composition #3 Nsibidi; signs and symols; spirals in art; suns; journeys; treks Victor ekpuk '09 (lower right)

85. Fish Pond Fish Pond Nsibidi; signs and symbols; fish; suns; ponds; skeletons; bones; death

86. Sanctuary Sanctuary Nsibidi; signs and symbols; mirrors; reflections; squares victor ekpuk '07 (lower right)

87. Prisoner of Conscience Prisoner of Conscience imprisonment; Nsibidi; signs and symbols; Fela, 1938-1997; jails; houses; political activists; musicians; suns; moons; torture Victor Ekpuk (bottom)

88. dis Amstadam Life dis Amstadam Life Nsibidi; signs and symbols; Amsterdam (Netherlands); African diaspora; circles (plane figures; cities victor ekpuk '07 (bottom)

89. Composition #1 Composition #1 Nsibidi; signs and symbols; love; marriage; union; husband and wife

90. Cockcrow at Dawn Cockcrow at Dawn birds; roosters; morning; sun, rising and setting; Nsibidi; signs and symbols ekpuk (lower right)

91. Second Sacrificial Cocks Second Sacrificial Cocks cockfighting; Nigeria -- history -- civil war, 1967-1970; roosters; game fowl; birds; gambling; postcolonialism Egonu 74 (signed lower right)

92. Composition #2 Composition #2 Nsibidi; signs and symbols; leopard Victor ekpuk '09 (lower right)

93. Slave Narrative Slave Narrative slavery; slaves; Nsibidi; signs and symbols; ships; Amistad (schooner); boats and boating; cargo holds victor ekpuk '07 (lower left)

94. You Be Me, I Be You You Be Me, I Be You Nsibidi; signs and symbols; heads, faces; human figures in art; profiles; human relationships; communication; eye contact Victor ekpuk '06 (bottom, each panel)

95. Homesick Blues Homesick Blues Nsibidi; signs and symbols; ovals; rectangles; dots; spots; circles (plane figures); homesickness; emotions; longing; desire; victor ekpuk (bottom of oval)

96. Lagos Blues Lagos Blues apartment houses; houses; buildings (structures); Lagos (Nigeria); sadness; melancholy; depression, mental; cities; signs and symbols; Nsibidi EKPUK (lower left)

97. Boy and Cow Boy and Cow cows; boys; animals; suns; horns; children; cattle; bulls; Nsibidi; signs and symbols VICTOR EKPUK 98 CA (lower left)

98. Ode to Birdland  Ode to Birdland jazz music; Birdland (Jazz club: 1949-1965); birds; Parker, Charlie, 1920-1955; signs and symbols; Nsibidi victor ekpuk '09 (lower right)

99. Conversation in Red and Blue Conversation in Red and Blue circles (plane figures); line (geometric concept); signs and symbols; Nsibidi

100. Untitled Untitled figurative art; women; human face; uli; eyes; lips; nose; separation; relationships signed lower right corner
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results 81-100 of 113 item(s)  page 5 of 6 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  >> ) :: previous : next
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